Gmorning, Gnight! (Book by Lin-Manuel Miranda.)


The book where it happens. Photograph by CariAnne.

From the sparkling wit of Lin-Manuel Miranda comes the enchanting creation Gmorning, Gnight! little pep talks for me & you.

Long before creating Broadway’s Hamilton, Miranda began tweeting short bursts of cheer, inspiration, and joy to his followers. This book contains Miranda’s favorite selections. Each day’s curated tweets (200 appear in the book) feature illustrations by Jonny Sun.

Bad news claims headline space daily, so we need a brief respite from those troubles. This book provides a break from the over-hurried, multi-tasking lives we’ve come to know.

No matter when you choose to read these selections, the book will provide you with a much-needed smile. Long after you place the book upon your shelf, you’ll find yourself going back to it time and again. Anytime you need some friendly company (or a comforting thought or two).